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Further proof that Craze® does not contain amphetamines

Craze® is an award-winning pre-workout product that we believe has literally revolutionized the sports nutrition industry.


Recently more rumors regarding Craze® have surfaced, stemming from some sensationalist reporting and allegation by competitors. The report is based on what Driven Sports feels to be inadequate and insufficient testing by a laboratory that claims to have found the compound n, alpha diethylphenylethylamine in Craze®. This sort of report can be alarming to customers, and is a matter Driven Sports takes very seriously. We place the safety of our products and the health of our customers above all else.

Because of this, and the attempts of competitors to further sour the brand’s reputation, Driven Sports has made great efforts to ensure that Craze® is safe and effective.

In order to definitively state that the compound in question – n, alpha diethylphenylethylamine – is not in Craze®, Driven Sports contracted Avomeen Analytical Services an FDA-registered, DEA-licensed, cGMP-complaint independent testing laboratory that specializes in custom chemical testing and material analysis to have a certified analytical reference standard created at great expense. We believe that Driven Sports is the only party to have tested Craze® against a certified analytical reference standard for the compound in question.

The lab report below shows unequivocally that Craze DOES NOT contain the alleged compound: n, alpha diethylphenylethylamine.

Driven Sports goes above and beyond to ensure Craze® is both safe and effective. All lots of Craze® are tested by independent FDA/DEA accredited labs in the US following production to ensure they are clear of controlled substances and clandestine compounds. Craze® has also been studied in four double blind placebo controlled safety studies with excellent results and has been shown to be safe. Driven Sports is hoping to have these studies published in a peer-reviewed journal in the coming months.

Driven Sports would like to assure all fans of Craze® that it is a safe and effective product when the recommended dosing on the label is followed. Driven Sports hopes that this information helps to reinforce the positive reputation of the product to customers, and inspires continued faith in the product.



UPDATE: 6/25/13

In keeping with our promise to our customers that our products are both safe and effective, we have continued thoroughly testing more lots of Craze®. As expected, all lots tested continue to show that the alleged compound is NOT in the product. We would like to once again thank our customers for your continued support as we strive to bring you the best supplements available.




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